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We can help you identify and reduce unwanted noise

Noise pollution, or unwanted sound, can affect your health in a negative manner. It can make you tired, stressed and make you underperform at work. It can also damage your hearing or give you problems sleeping if the disturbances occur at home. Apart from this, there is an increased risk of accidents in noise polluted environments since alarm signals and important instruction can get harder to distinguish from other sounds.

Studies show that it can be profitable for employers to reduce the noise pollution in the workplace due to the positive effect toward staff stress and tiredness. We react differently to noise pollution, some more and some less, but there are established limits which guide us to the permitted levels in different environments.

ADL Konsult has solid experience in investigating noise pollution and creating plans for action. Please contact us for more information on how we can help you.

We are experts in architectural and building acoustics

It is necessary to involve an acoustic consultant for the optimisation of the the acoustics in a studio, auditorium, concert hall, cinema or theater for the correct experience. Choosing the correct shapes, materials and dimensions to achieve the desired result requires experience and scientific knowledge of how sound works.

ADL Konsult can assist with consultation to improve the acoustics in an existing room or take part in the planning and construction of a new space. We cooperate with the architect, the construction company and the individuals involved. We bring appropriate solutions dependant upon your specific demands.

We have contributed to the improvement of many well known Swedish acoustic spaces, such as: Decibel Studios, SF Bio, TV4, MTV and the Vasa Theater.

We can assist in every step of planning a project

During the planning of a building, it is of high importance to have the acoustics in mind. The earlier an acoustic consultant is involved the better. An early inventory from us can prevent expensive corrections of plans or constructions later on.

ADL Konsult can help you with all acoustic queries: noise disturbance precautions, planning, inspection and proposals for action in meeting current standards and regulations. We can also give you cost estimates and guidance regarding quality aspects and procurements.

We have more than 25 years of experience in the business and play a key role in the planning and design stages for larges and small scale situations from arenas to residential environments.


Our assignments are both big and small

ADL Konsult has conducted countless consulting and measurement projects throughout it’s 25 year history. Our assignments range from arenas, concert halls, cinemas and music studios to residential buildings and offices.

Our Services
Room acoustics

We work extensively with the acoustics of rooms and halls. The name given to describe how sound behaves in enclosed spaces is room acoustics. Contact us for measurements, recommendations and optimisation of any acoustic space.


Environmental and industrial noise

Environmental and industrial noise is generally regarded as unwanted sound generated by transport and industry which affects the public and people at work. We provide acoustic consultation, surveys of traffic noise and investigations of internal or external noise. In all areas we can make suggestions on appropriate measures to reduce or mitigate unwanted noise and vibration.

Building acoustics

In recent times, the acoustic environment of residential and commercial buildings has become of increasing importance. Research from health authorities shows strong correlation between environmental noise and adverse affects to human health. We provide consultation and perform measurements including airborne noise insulation, impact noise level and noise from installations to improve acoustic environments.

Studio design

ADL Konsult has designed over 300 studios in the past 25 years. We create complete construction documents and provide consultation during construction to achieve the desired result. Contact us for assistance in prediction, inspection, low frequency absorption or the entire process.


Voice alarm system (VA)

We calculate Speech Transmission Index (STI) and inspect sound pressure level for the optimisation of speech intelligibility and for the installation of Voice Alarm systems in schools, shopping centres, offices and stadiums among other places.


Areas of Expertise

Noise is classed as an unwanted, unpleasant or disturbing sound. Noise can be generated by many different sources. For example, unwanted apartment noise is often derived from neighbours’ music systems or heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems but also from nearby outdoor sources. We can perform measurements to locate noise sources and recommend methods of controlling problematic areas.


Vibration measurements are essential in determining whether certain types of noise are airborne sound or structure borne. Vibration is often unwanted as it causes airborne sound. This structure borne sound can “break out” into various rooms of a building, producing unwanted noise. Vibration can cause problems if the frequency of vibration meets the natural frequency of a structure producing unwanted resonance resulting in disturbance.


Sound insulation is the prevention of transmitted sound or alternatively, a reduction of sound energy transmitted into an adjoining air space. Airborne sound insulation is the insulation against noise originating in air, e.g. voices, music, traffic, wind etc.

Impact sound insulation

Sources of impact noise act directly on the structure of the building, causing the structure to vibrate and radiate acoustical energy into the receiving room. Impact sound insulation is the prevention or reduction of noise originating directly on a structure by blows or vibration e.g. footsteps above, furniture being moved, drilling and/or hammering for example.

Stucture borne sound

Structure borne sound is noise which is propagated through structures as vibration and subsequently radiated as sound. Structure borne sound typically originates due to internal forces acting within a vibrating machine. The physical connections between the source (vibrating machine) and receiving structure allow for the transmission of vibration energy from the vibrating machine into a passive receiving structure (which may subsequently transmit the energy to an acoustic medium).

Reverberation time measurement

One of the most important characteristics of a room or auditorium is its reverberation time. To a large extent it is the reverberation time which determines the suitability of a room for a particular purpose. The reverberation time of a space is defined as the time taken for a sound to decay by 60 dB after the sound source is abruptly switched off. This is the reason that reverberation time or RT is denoted by T60.

Room acoustics and loudspeaker calibration

We perform a measurement of the room and speakers in order to optimise the audio experience. We utilise Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) and impulse response technology for measurements in the control of the room acoustics and speaker calibration.

Traffic noise calculations

Equivalent and maximum noise level from road and rail traffic is calculated according to the Nordic calculation model. The model calculates how noise from the railway and the road projects throughout the nearby surroundings.